Find Funding

How to Apply for Funding

How to Apply

Getting your program funded is a straightforward process. Review the step-by-step guide below:

  • Step 0: Get to Know the Colorado Health Foundation
    There are a number of resources we recommend you review before starting an application, including a webinar, glossary and FAQ. Review these important resources now.
  • Step 1: Review Our Open Funding
    Visit the Open Funding page to see which programs are currently open for funding consideration.
  • Step 2: Determine Eligibility
    While each grant has a distinct set of eligibility requirements, it’s important to know that we have a set of general criteria for grantees, as well. Check your eligibility now.
  • Step 3: Submit Online Application
    When you find a grant you want to apply for, the next step is to complete an online application. Access the online application from the open funding opportunity page.
  • Step 4: Receive a Decision
    When we receive your application, it will be reviewed for completeness and eligibility. A program officer will be in touch to discuss your proposal or to ask questions. Learn more about the grant review process.

Questions about the grantmaking process? Contact us.

Focus Areas

Focus Areas

At the Colorado Health Foundation, we are helping Coloradans live their healthiest lives by advancing opportunities to pursue good health and achieve health equity. How do we do it? We support impactful work in and across four focus areas that are critical to improving health in Colorado, including:

  • Maintain Healthy Bodies
  • Nurture Healthy Minds
  • Strengthen Community Health
  • Champion Health Equity

Partnering For Success

Partnering for Success

In order to have the greatest impact on the health and wellness of all Coloradans, we proudly support our private sector partners through program-related investments (PRI). We do that in one of two ways:

  • Mission-driven Investments: We support nonprofits and private sector companies in their charitable or mission-related activities with financial returns that are secondary and below market.
  • Multi-sector Engagement: We actively engage with a robust network of private, government, philanthropic and nonprofit entities. Together, we are elevating health innovation engagement, grants and ecosystem development activities.

Investments such as these, and the resources they provide to the health care community, support our efforts to improve the health of all Coloradans.